New Pamphlets and Brooklyn Zine Fest

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we pay more for your gold-13The spring 2015 Informational Pamphlets are in the mail, on their way to my new subscribers and friends. I have to say, the subscription model is fantastic so far; since subscribers get to send a copy to a friend as well it makes it that much more exciting for me to be able to broadenĀ the pamphlet circle.

danger hollow sidewalk-16

I brought pamphlets to the Brooklyn Zine Fest this year, where people seemed to enjoy them. I certainly enjoyed myself, even with being in the basement. A good time seemed to be had by all.


And it is now officially spring, which means it is time to break out the camera and wander around taking photos of signs. Which is what has happened here. I hope you are all enjoying the season in whichever way you intend to.

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