All new for 2020: Mapping the Waterfront

This year we will be focusing on narrative mapmaking, the industrial waterfront in Brooklyn, migration, and transportation. If you’ve received a pamphlet in the past, and would like to continue to do so, please consider subscribing. I will spend the year wandering around Sunset Park, gathering weeds from the post-industrial landscape, taking pictures in Coney Island Creek, and hopefully leading a bike trip out to Canarsie. I am also planning some walking tours in conjunction with the series, including a bird walk in May, so keep an eye out for that. Subscribers will of course be kept up to date on all events. I am overjoyed to report that I received funding this year from Brooklyn Arts Council to help support the series, which will allow me to invite friends along to stage events, among other things.

As always, a year’s subscription guarantees three mailings a year, in spring, summer, and fall.┬áIn addition, all subscribers will be able to add a friend to the mailing list, as a surprise special gift. I will need their mailing address. Subscribers will be contacted individually for their friend’s names.

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