Communism, Hypnotism, and The Beatles

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I found this gem of a webpage a few months ago:

CONELRAD has accumulated hundreds of Cold War-oriented books, magazines and pamphlets since we launched in 1999. We are also constantly collecting more. These titles run the gamut from serious history to sleaze-pulp paperbacks like Atomic Blonde. But it has been a busy decade for us and we are just now rummaging through our archives to post examples of this fascinating material.

They have a great section on ephemera, including pamphlets, which you can find here. My favorite, hands down, is this lovely screed by David A. Nobel, who later penned such texts as The Beatles: A Study in Sex, Drugs and Revolution. The blog author posts a great summary of this classic pamphlet, which covers paranoid ramblings against Communism, the diabolical use of music against the minds of the Youth of Today,  and the threat these two things pose to America.

Throw your Beatle and rock and roll records in the city dump. We have been unashamed of being labeled a Christian nation; let’s make sure four mop-headed anti-Christ beatniks don’t destroy our children’s emotional and mental stability and ultimately destroy our nation as Plato warned in his Republic.

Because Plato totally hated pop music. Learn more on the Conelrad site here.


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